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What is White Label PPC?

White labeling PPC implies that you are utilizing another company’s PPC service but selling it to your customers as your own. The customer is yours, yet you have somebody else do the PPC operations. In some cases, the organization you hire to do the PPC project stays "behind the scenes" when you connect with your customer. This is a typical solution we have with the majority of our white label customers.White label PPC lets agencies manage client PPC campaigns under their own brand. The agency handles everything, from strategy to execution, while the client reaps the benefits.

White Label PPC
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How White Label PPC Works

How Does The White Label PPC Works?

Applying a PPC campaign implies ‘buying’ visits instead of ‘earning’ those visits to organic SEO. A White label PPC campaign includes paying Google to list your ads for that link to your customer’s site. These ads will appear on top of your search listings. Whenever somebody clicks on the ad, you pay the existing CPC or Cost per Click that is instantly deducted from your budget you have pre-set. Once your budget exceeds, Google quits running your ads. Then, you will have to replenish the funds to proceed.

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How White Label PPC Reselling Is Done?

Being a trustworthy PPC white label reseller company, we are not the one “trendy” PPC organization who churns and burns customers or just works on the campaigns on every 2 weeks; we need to stay with you. Once you succeed, we win.

  • Keyword Research

    We will carefully handle every portion of new campaigns. We initially start with keyword research to ensure that we are targeting the most favorable terms for success. During our research procedure, we will classify any hidden chances to boost your customer’s revenue further.

  • Data-Centric Conversion

    Once we have got the complete info, we build out the notable Adwords campaigns. After our custom ads are out in the world, we use the data to track conversions as well as trends. This essential data provide us the insight we want to create our reports.

White label PPC Work
White Label PPC Client
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  • Ad Optimization

    Next, we will optimize each ad to operate on getting the most efficient pricing for your customer while ensuring that each ad is going to the most essential page to convert new users into paying clients. Our expert will help your ad to be on top and give you the maximum results.

  • Brand Awareness

    After that, with our Adwords skills, your new clients may ensure they’re seen everywhere online to their noteworthy clients. Also, our white label PPC agency can help create the utmost awareness for your customers and enable their brand to stand out from the set.

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Process at BrandBurp

Why BrandBurp is the Perfect Choice for PPC Reseller Program?

We will limit squandered advertisement spend, boost reach and bidding, augment conversion rates, drive lead volume, and surpass your goals. We are diverse for one basic explanation. We care about your prosperity. That sounds silly; however, it's valid.

We've been around sufficiently long and managed incalculable kinds of customers to comprehend that when you (the accomplice) are glad, our white label AdWords agency is upbeat, and everyone wins. You are not simply one more 'customer' to us; you are a confided in accomplice and friend.

Benefits You Get from Our White Label PPC Reseller Services

This arrangement is the one best approach to get additional money to boost profits, and also it’s more favored by people who urge to market online, due to the benefits it provides.

Relevant Customer Base Enhancement

Analyzing client profitability and enhancing a client’s lifetime worth is highly essential to any business. Here’s BrandBurp comes in. Our dedicated white label PPC agency will provide you a relevant customer base and enhance your overall traffic.

Higher Traffic with Less Resource

At BrandBurp, our experts will analyze your business needs and give you an excellent solution that can help to generate high traffic to your web portal. Our white label Google AdWords team is capable of providing you great results by analyzing your target audience.

Website Performance Monitoring

Being a renowned White Label PPC Reseller management services, we monitor the performance of your site by analyzing your audience interaction, speed, and relevancy. Also, we give you up to date information about it.

Quality Check & Tracking The Sales

We have a brilliant QA team that checks the overall quality of your website and give you insight into your sales traction. We utilize modern tools and technologies that make us different among our competitors.

Our Marketing Team Brings Guaranteed Result

We Are A Team of Experts Who Know All the Strategies For Marketing Businesses. We Aspire To Deliver Outstanding Products And Unique Strategies That Help To Grow Your Business.

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Why We Are Your #1 Digital Marketing Partner

Our Best-In-Class Internet Marketing Services Amaze Clients With Impactful Outcomes

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