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About the Client

Splitwise is the simplest way to share the expenses with your near and dear ones. The Splitwise app saves you from the stress of “how much do I owe you”. Now, millions of people use Splitwise to organize large bills whether of households, trips, restaurants and more. Split any bill among a group and stay away from the awkwardness where the money comes before important relationships.

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Client Requirement

The client had a lot of requirements as they approached us after the development of the application and no marketing strategies were applied before for the better visibility of the application. We were focused to know about the requirements and design the right strategies to meet our client’s demands. Some of the major client requirements were:

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Check the Menu Overview

Splitwise is the easiest approach to share expenses with your friends and family and end stressing about “who owes who. The effective and user-friendly features help users to divide their bills in an easy manner.

  • Version

    Varies with device
  • Available in Countries

  • Size

  • Category

    Payment & Wallet
  • Last Updated

    20 December 2019
  • OS

    Android & IOS
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Services We Offered

As soon as we became aware of the requirements of the client, we were focused to do a market analysis including the services provided by apps of the same domain. Our expert team of market analysts and strategy designers were focused to deliver the positive results to our client. Some of the services that we offered were:

Mass exposure of the app
Increased number of downloads and installs
Higher ranking in app stores
Better user retention to the app
Guest Post on Reputed Sites
Implementation of Retention Strategies

Challenges We Faced

At the commence of the project, we felt some hardships in getting the expected results due to high competition in the market and in the app store but later on each challenge was achieved by our team. Some of the major challenges that were faced by us were:

Requirement Gathering
Competitive Market Research
Analyzing Market Trends
Building The Right Strategies

Our Strategy & Solution

We were focused to deliver results that would make our clients shocked. We increased the pace in our working process to turn our marketing strategies, a proper hit. The client was shocked to see the unexpected results and everything was done under the timeline discussed. To gain accurate results, we created result-driven strategies. Our strategy was focused on:


Company Page Optimization

App Ranking Increased

Our team researched on many different factors that could affect the app ranking. They implement these factors with proper marketing strategies. It helped in boosting the ranking of the Splitwise app on app stores.

App Installs & Downloads Boosted

We helped Splitwise to boosts its app’s installs and downloads drastically by using innovative strategies and advanced tools.

Downloading Appstore
Downloading Playstore

App Reviews and Rating Boosted

We encouraged feedback and asked our most engaged users to review their experience in the Splitwise app.

Reviews and Rating Appstore
Reviews and Rating Playstore

Overall ROI Improved

Our experts worked on various factors like conversion rate, cost per lead, lead close rate, and more to enhance the overall ROI of the app.


We worked on micro-content to show brand personality and also share customer’s positive reviews on social media to increase user engagement.

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Client testimonials

We got the best result from the BrandBurp and the company was able to satisfy me with its advanced marketing services.

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  >BrandBurp is such an excellent place for building a robust and innovative app marketing service. They have turned my idea into a robust portal, and I got a lot of traffic as the hard work they’ve done. I genuinely support their teamwork and dedication. 

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Now, Split your bills and expenses equally with your friends and roommates. You can find Splitwise on your Android and iOS device.

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