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Why Hotel Reputation Management Is Necessary?

According to the latest study by Tripadvisor, more than 93 percent of the audience checks online reviews before booking a hotel for their needs.

Approximately 53 percent of the people would not book a hotel that didn’t have good reviews. So it is quite difficult for hotels to manage a good online presence because all the customers have a different point of view. So to resolve the issue of negative reviews online you need hotel reputation management services. The negative reviews not only harm your hotel's online reputation but also keep new customers away from your business. Therefore, in case you want to make your hotel business successful, all you need is to connect with a reliable company for your hotel online reputation management.

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What We Do To Enhance Your Hotel Positive Online Presence?

If you are looking for a hotel online reputation service then you must be aware of the fact that there will always be some people or competitors who want to bring down your name in the online marketplace. The people post negative reviews on a variety of review websites like Google my business, Trustpilot, Yelp and other review directories to bring down the value of your services.
We at Brand Burp understand the impact of these reviews on consumer purchase decisions. Thus, we offer you customized solutions according to your needs where we post the positive reviews of your hotel on different review websites and rank them in top search engine results. The team of specialists helps you in building a positive reputation for the hotels by promoting good content

Send Feedback to Your Regular or Positive Clients

Regardless of the matter of whether your clients have posted positive or negative reviews related to your business we reply to all regular or positive reviews. This step helps in building a good relationship between the client and hotel, which is the primary step in developing loyalty that eventually boosts repetitive customers.

Removal of Negative Reviews

Our team of experts uses advanced online reputation strategies to remove the negative reviews on the first page of the search engine results pages. We post and promote positive reviews and thus suppress the negative content to improve your hotel’s value with informative and attractive content.

Improve Hotel’s Reputation with Relevant Content

Search engines give value to unique and fresh content every time. Our specialist understands this concern and creates content that helps your hotel rank better within search results and improves your hotel’s Reputation. In addition to this, we keep an eye on the online review sites to avoid issues.

Share Positive Reviews to Social Media

Share high-quality positive reviews on various social media channels to drive brand awareness that automatically boosts the brand reputation. The strategies and tools used help to share incredible images related to your business. It is easy to establish a brand name for your hotel with the help of social media.

Why Outsource Your Hotel Reputation Management Services to BrandBurp?

We at BrandBurp make sure that we deliver the utmost solutions for hotel review management services. It is easy to acquire positive branding for your hotel through our hotel ORM services. Our team of professionals guarantees that they boost your customer satisfaction rate by applying diverse tactics that drive revenues.

Here we have listed the reasons why you need to outsource your hotel reputation management services to BrandBurp that keep you ahead of your competitors by improving the online reputation of your hotel.

Organized Reviews Management

The online reputation management strategies used by our experts help in organizing the reviews on various sites and then take the necessary steps accordingly. Additionally, we use post relevant and genuine content related to your hotel to improve the brand value of your services.

Deep Competitor Analysis

Experts conduct a thorough competitor analysis to check the review and ratings of their hotels. This online hotel reputation management helps us to know the points where you are missing in the services so that we can create a plan to boost your online business value.

Get Faster Review Responses

The experts at BrandBurp respond to all the reviews in a faster manner without any hold time. We use advanced online reputation tools that help us to save response templates related to your business. The templates can be edited according to needs for faster responses.

Highlight Your Best Reviews

We use various content and ORM strategies to highlight your best reviews in an efficient manner. We check the entire booking engine and hotel website and then highlight the positive reviews. This review management strategy motivates the visitor to acquire your services.

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