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Not only the established ones, but we have aided small business houses to establish themselves. These business houses are generating huge revenues and have been giving the established business houses a run for their money.

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Splitwise is the simplest way to share the expenses with your near and dear ones. The Splitwise app saves you from the stress of “how much do I owe you”. Now, millions of people use Splitwise to organize large bills whether of households, trips, restaurants and more.

  • 5M+Downloads
  • 3+Rating
  • $10.2M Funding Raised
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Zoosk launched in 2007 by co-founders, Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr is a no.1 online dating app available in more than 25 languages in more than 80 countries all across. The company has raised over $60 million in equity.

  • 10M+Downloads
  • 4.8Rating
  • $178MFunding Raised
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TWOO or we should say Twoo is a social discovery platform that was launched in 2011 by Toon Coppens and Lorenz Bogaert. It is a highly popular dating app with availability in around 200 countries and more than 38 languages.

  • 10M+Downloads
  • 4.4Rating
  • --- Funding Raised
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Communication is perhaps the most essential pillar of human life, and Masqar focuses on facilitating the same. With Masqar, you can overcome language barriers as it brings expert translators from different locations to help you with all your language chores. You can get your document, or your web content translated, decrypting or translating the message of a brochure or e-mail, require translation of an audio/video, etc the expert translators will aid you with all your needs.

  • 13.4MOrganic Traffic
  • 1259Alexa Rank
  • 84 Domain Authority
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Are you looking for beneficial trading opportunities? Do not look elsewhere, but bank upon CapitalXtend. At CappitalXtend, you can trade in Forex, CFDs, commodities, indices, equities, and cryptocurrencies. They charge 0% commission and garner a deep understanding of their customer's wants and give them specialized trading opportunities.

  • 389KOrganic Traffic
  • 41,591Alexa Rank
  • 43 Domain Authority
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Henchman is among the leading names in Australia for providing specialized tooling solutions, repair & calibration services, and customized tools. Henchman has been a leading name in their facet for almost 20 years now and has garnered premium goodwill. From Visual tool control to Electronic tool control, toolkits with shadow foam to tool storage, Henchman has ticked all the boxes when it comes to toolkits and all relevant equipment.

  • Likes: 6K

  • Followers:10.2K

  • Followers:1.8K

  • Followers:202K

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Trunao is a web-based easy-to-use data management application that lets you store a bulk of Microsoft Excel data in a well-organized manner. Trunao is tailor-made for people who are running out of space to store their data so that they don't have to deal with endless spreadsheets. Trunao is surely the best online Excel database application.

  • Likes: 1.1M

  • Followers:1.94M

  • Followers:208K

  • Followers:509K

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