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Why Your Business Need Bing Ads Services?

Based on your individual needs, making the switch to Bing could be worth it for your company. As the competition is much lesser at Bing, and have the traffic you need becomes much easier for you.

Here you will actually win on as the lone bidder for specific keywords in just a few situations. In order to run PPC campaigns on this search site, you need a smaller budget.

The Bing PPC Advertising campaigns tend to be more effective as they get higher click through rate (CTR) with a lower cost per click (CPC). Bing offers an ‘Import from AdWords’ choice, which means it’s possible to run an account within minutes. It can be a perfect platform to develop an already established ad campaign.

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Advantages of Hiring BrandBurp for Bing PPC Management?

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Achieve Potential Traffic

Our Bing PPC specialists work around the clock to bring potential traffic to you. We run your ad campaign following a strategic approach and promise to deliver you guaranteed results.

Get Better Business ROI

We can deliver a more return on investment, as our advertisement is truly focused on your target market, and your business advertisement shows only when users are searching or seeking for your keywords.

Target Your Customer

We will encourage you to target your company on your potential market and create an ad that will be featured on the major search engines. Our strategists guarantee you a 120% increase in ROI.

Specific Keywords Drive

We encourage you to target specific keywords that are specifically related to your company product and services, and users will use them when looking for your products.

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Our Traffic Driven Bing PPC Strategies

  • Relevant Keywords Research

    We know the significance of keywords to make a campaign successful; hence, research for the apt keywords. Our PPC experts identify the best keyword combinations that are quite popular among users.

  • Advertisement Optimization

    We find the right ad campaign analytical tool and focus on users’ behavioral and demographic data collected from older campaigns to optimize your ad campaign in the best possible way.

  • Landing Page Creation & Optimization

    Our main objective is to create a page that engages your target audience, which will help you drive more leads. We create well-designed landing pages for all your visitors and bring huge traffic.

  • Conversion & Calls Monitoring

    Our PPC managers keep track of calls, phone number clicks on your website, and conversions to analyze which ads, campaigns, keywords, and ad groups are driving the top results.

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  • Bing PPC Bid Management

    Depending on your business adjectives, we follow an effective bidding strategy. We monitor and adjust your keyword bids, in order to make your advertising budget maximum for Bing bid ads success.

  • Mobile Optimized PPC Ads

    We optimize your PPC ads for mobile users. In this, we permit ad extensions across your campaigns, utilize action-oriented keywords, incentivize mobile searches with discounts & CTA, and more.

  • Competitors’ Analysis

    We go for advanced competitors’ analysis, where we do price comparison analyses, their unique value prepositions, examine search research ads, call to actions, offers, and a lot more.

  • Monthly Evaluation Report With Details

    With our evaluation report, we let you know how your ad campaigns are performing. We do it on a monthly basis so that you can have complete knowledge about the progress.

What are the Benefits of Advertising Business on Bing?

Bing has become quite popular in recent years among businesses, as well as marketing companies. It is, in several manners, is ahead of Google as it lets advertisers adapt ads to their user base. There are a lot of other advantages related to it as mentioned:

More Transparency

Bing allows you to check from where you are getting the traffic. It helps you in your PPC campaign, boosting digital ad tactics and SEO proposes. Moreover, you can target more effectively and get more conversions.

Less Competition

The competition in Bing is lesser than other platforms. PPC experts can get higher CTR for competitive phrases/ keywords. Moreover, the cost per click on Bing ads is quite lower, making it beneficial for small businesses.

Higher Flexibility

Bing is efficiently trying to give advertisers much flexibility. With Bing ads, they can modify ad campaigns, in order to aim a specific demographic. Bing allows reaching your target audience without changing the budget.

Higher CTR's

Although it accounts for less traffic volume, in some verticals, Bing ads tend to have a higher CTR. The CTR can range from vertical to vertical. But the average Bing CTR across all verticals accounts for 2.83 percent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions from clients regarding digital marketing services and we try to answer them accordingly.

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We offer weekly performance reports detailing the top-line engine data and the achievement indicators. We also provide a summary of the weekly activities, opportunities, and significant insights gained over the week.
Our analysts are all senior-level professionals with at least 3 years of campaign optimization experience. With our PPC analysts, we have a highly selective hiring process and have outstanding ongoing training programs to ensure that all analysts are up-to-date specialists in all PPC matters.
Yes, we have a team of Google and Bing certified PPC professionals with years of experience.
We like to presume your ad campaigns as your tools for the company and always allow you full access and control. Would they take all the studies they've done with them if one of the staff were to leave? Yes, and we think that is also true of your Adwords/Bing/Facebook accounts.
We don't have any startup costs, and our contracts are always monthly. Our purpose is long-term partnerships and for you to think of us as your own company's employees. If you are not happy with the results, please fire us. We value our job, and our renewal rate of 97 % speaks for itself.

Our Marketing Team Brings Guaranteed Result

We Are A Team of Experts Who Know All the Strategies For Marketing Businesses. We Aspire To Deliver Outstanding Products And Unique Strategies That Help To Grow Your Business.

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