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Health is something that is often compromised in this fast-paced life. However, some impactful healthcare apps have been making all the right noises in aiding hospitals, doctors, and patients. In the era of digitization, we’ve got one step further to find the value of having a mobile health app connected to emergency health services.

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Neou is a health and fitness oriented application. With Neou you can break a sweat anywhere, anytime, with just one subscription. The app lets you start your fitness journey with classes ranging from bootcamp, HIITs (high intensity interval training), stretching, yoga, running, and elliptical workout.

  • 100M+Downloads
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  • $11.2B Funding Raised
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Freeletics is a fitness app founded by Mehmet Yilmaz, Joshua Cornelius, and Andrej Matijczakh in March 2013. The main idea of the app is to provide hassle-free gym training sessions at the ease of the home. Freeletics has more than 40 million users worldwide.

  • 10M+Downloads
  • 4.2Rating
  • 130K Funding Raised
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Healthcare Transpired
By Digital Marketing

The Healthcare sector has received a massive boost in digital marketing. And we have been fulfilling all their requirements

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With Lybrate, ordering medicines is as smooth as it can be. Now, get some amusing offers and discounts every time you order pharmaceuticals from Lybrate. Get indulged with the most impactful experience for medicine delivery services with Lybrate.

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Mayo Clinic is an American-based non-profit academic medical center. It is a brand that is known all across the globe. It has over 4700 physicians and scientists. The organization is ranked as the #1 hospital chain in the United States and has maintained the same position for the past 27 years by providing the utmost services.

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We help our clients
to succeed even in

Be it Healthcare or any other sector, we have been motivating the healthcare sector with mobile app connectivity

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Legends Sports

Are you a sports maniac? If you are, then train yourself to become a sports legend. Follow in the footsteps of your sports legend and get yourself equipped with the best gear available in the market. Legend Sports gives you the best equipment for your training. Specialization in any sport would require a great amount of training and dedication. When it comes to training, using the right gear helps you become more efficient. Legend Sports has a wide variety of products suitable for various sports like judo, boxing, etc. Start your training today itself and become a legend.

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