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The client’s endorsement for work to begin shall be deemed a contractual agreement between the Client and BrandBurp. The approval for the start of the work can be through by means of an email along with the attached quotation document.

Whereas BrandBurp is in the business of providing offers a variety of services to boost a website’s online visibility, to its clientele, including any subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions of BrandBurp's clients and customers (hereinafter referred to as "Customers") and BrandBurp is in the business of providing search engine marketing, optimization, app marketing, website development, and associated services on global basis.

Considering the mutual promises, covenants, and conditions set forth herein, the parties hereto agree to the terms listed in this agreement/proposal. BrandBurp will not share your business information with any other business in the course of securing online promotion and marketing services on your behalf.

Note:The advance payment indicates that the client accepts all these terms and conditions, and approves to start the work.

Usage of BrandBurp Services/Products/Solutions

BrandBurp has the right to set information pertaining to your industry on any of the search provider websites such as those listed above and you give permission to BrandBurp to develop content based on information or material provided by you or your designees and collected by BrandBurp including data, form, graphics, size, text, names, addresses, contact details, trade names, URLs, logos, service marks, photographs, endorsements, or likenesses, and videos. In addition to this, you stand for that all the details and information you provide to BrandBurp is the right information, not false, and that you have the power to signify this product and service information to BrandBurp. To maintain good links the client shall carry out the best probable preventive and security measures to limit any illegal use of the services/solutions procured from BrandBurp.

1 . Year Free Technical Support

BrandBurp provides complete 1-year free technical support for following kind of issues :

  • Server-side errors/bugs

  • Connection errors

  • Server downgrades or upgrades

  • Edits are done in the code

  • Issues in the Browser Version Downgrades/Upgrades

  • Any other issue which is not in a straight line associated with any shortage at the end of BrandBurp

The free support is not available for following type of instances, unless or else particularly covered in the scope of project and/or deliverables :

  • BrandBurp will not provide training for using the software/ or services delivered

  • General UI/UX updates

  • Improvement or modifications in the default feature of the software/solutions delivered.

Important note: The 1-year Free Technical Support is not available for following kinds of services with BrandBurp:

  • Full-Time Web Designer or Developer Engagement/Hired

  • The team at BrandBurp works in coordination with the Client Team honestly where project management is being done by the Client Team.

  • BrandBurp may use different types of photographs and images while creating the website. The graphics and images purchased from stock libraries are not in general included in the quotation and will be invoiced separately.

  • At the request of the Client - BrandBurp will keep all its clients updated about the changes and the cost involved before raising the invoice to the client.

  • Images used by BrandBurp for product demonstration shall not be used by the client unless the client has purchased the images.

  • The client should contact BrandBurp for more information about the price of those images if the Client wishes to use those images for commercial purposes

Browser compatibility

The team at BrandBurp makes the use of the latest design pages that work perfectly on the most used browsers like IE/Firefox/Chrome. The company BrandBurp is not responsible for pages that do not display suitably in older IE versions as these versions are outdated and hence we don’t design with them in mind.

Search Engine Submission

The below mentioned services are not component of the project unless accepted in writing.

  • BrandBurp submits content on diverse search engines.

  • Securing an excellent ranking of your website on diverse search engines.

  • Conduct various improved Search Engine Optimization techniques both On-Page/Off Page.

Site maintenance

  • Content updates.

  • Refinements linked with the website need to be approved by the client earlier.

  • Content presentation and the image designs that were not planned or approved by the client previously.


All the data supplied by the client shall remain the client’s property. BrandBurp rightfully believes that this information belongs to the client and that it does not violate any kind of law. BrandBurp under no circumstances shall be held accountable for any claims, damages, and loss of profit to the client due to the use of information provided by the client.

Travel Expenses

Travelling is not usually included in our estimate. If a visit/travel is necessary for the meeting, the client will bear all the costs as agreed by both parties.


All the third- party costs arising shall be met by the Client and are to be paid to BrandBurp.

The 3rd party costs are as under :

  • Hosting fees

  • Domain Names

  • SSL Certificates

  • 3rd Party Plugins

  • Payment Gateways

Work Examples

Unless negotiated otherwise, BrandBurp retains the right to list/display the client name and logo with or without work performed (Design/Development/Online Promotion) for the Client in its respective portfolios and promotion materials. This over-rides all previous agreements and NDAs signed.


The price quoted to the client is for the work agreed in the proposal document only. Should the client decide that changes are required after the project work has been initiated, then BrandBurp will provide a separate quote for the additional work and may need to review the time scale for completing the project.

Mode of Payment

  • BrandBurp accepts payment via international Wire Transfers, Credit Card/PayPal by means of 2Checkout payment gateway.

  • The clients Based in India can make the payment via RTGS or Physical Cheques and NEFT mailed to our office address.

Payment Terms

  • The Payment plan is settled between the ‘Client’ and BrandBurp based on the target.

  • The fee shall be due within 14 days of the invoice date unless particularly mentioned in the Invoice.


Both the client and the BrandBurp reserve the right to stop the task at any point

  • If the project is canceled by the Client end then the payments can be refunded to the client made for the project after subtracting the upfront payment sum received for the start of the project.

  • If the project is canceled by BrandBurp, the payments made for the project can be refunded after the deduction for the hours spent on the work performed for the client.

  • BrandBurp provides “30-Days Money-Back Guarantee” to make sure customer satisfaction on your project.

Penalty Clause

Penalties applicable on BrandBurp:

BrandBurp agrees to conclude the project as per the comprehensive project scope decided to, within the decided time limit. Any sort of delay or change in the time limit in finishing the project results in the penalty of X % of the actual project price.

Intellectual Property Rights

BrandBurp is the owner of the code used by the developers in making a website and the intellectual property rights and reserves the right to use again the code for other projects.

Following are the terms shall be related and obliged:

  • The client shall not generate un-authorized copies of any Information delivered to the Client by BrandBurp.

  • The client shall not share the files or documents offered by the BrandBurp.

Termination of the agreement

In case the client or BrandBurp terminates this Agreement for any basis the parties will carry out their entire relevant requirement under this Agreement

Use of encrypted files

The client will provide complete details to BrandBurp provided with complete documentation for using the framework. With the documentation provided by the client, the BrandBurp programmers can modify the website functionality.

By accepting these terms and conditions, your legal rights are not affected. BrandBurp reserves the right to alter or change any of these conditions at any point of the time. Please, if you find any query related to the terms and conditions listed above you can feel free to contact us for more clarification.

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