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About the Client

Lybrate is a medical platform to connect patients and doctors online. It has more than 10 million downloads from all over the globe. The app was introduced in the market on 2013. Using the app, patients can consult with doctor using video call and also schedule an appointment.

Now, you can find trusted medical advice from 1, 50,000 top doctors. You can find any kind of treatment like skin & hair care, kids, parenting and more. Lybrate also raised $10.2 Million series A funding with some of the top brands. Lybrate also collaborated with Indian Medical Association to enhance healthcare sector.

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Client Requirement

The client did not have a large set of requirements. All they required is to generate more revenue and enhance market value of the app. The client knew that in highly-competitive market, only a perfect strategy will enhance growth of the app. We crafted some techniques to enhance their existing marketing strategies and increased their app’s visibility.

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Overview of the app

Now booking an appointment to visit the doctor of your choice at your preferred time is quite easy with this app. The Lybrate app has transformed the way people think about and take care of their health condition.

  • Updated

    April 21, 2020
  • Size

  • Current Version

  • Requires Android

    4.4 and up
  • Available in

    1+ countries

  • Overall rating


    With an average of 4.3
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Services We Offered

As soon as we winded up with requirement gathering phase, we went onto our next phase that was modifications in the marketing strategies and creating new strategies. An experienced team was assigned for the successful result of Client’s requirements. Besides, we delivered several service, including:

Increasing Online Presence
App Store Optimized
Optimized Content To Attract Users
Upgrading Reviews And Ratings
Mobile App Consultation
Implementation of Retention Strategies

Challenges We Faced

It was difficult to manage the requirements of Client and deliver better results because of high competition. But still, we have belief in our experts that they could successfully complete every task. So, some of the challenges that we faced during entire process were:

Worked on Healthy Content
Visibility in the app store and web
Analysis and reports
Created Consistency in Online Functioning

Our Strategy & Solution

We modified their existing strategies and we framed some new techniques. We first implemented the modified and soon after launched the newly created strategies. The blend of both gave us fruitful results from the initial stages. Few of the strategy tactics included:


Company Page Optimization

App Ranking Increased

We worked on advanced strategies like selection of proper keywords, attractive app icon and design, and various other tactics to enhance the app ranking of our client. With the help of these strategies, there was drastic increase in app ranking.

App Installs & Downloads Boosted

We used proper strategies and innovative tools to increase download number of the Lybrate app. We also engaged users and encourage them to download and install the app.

Downloading Appstore
Downloading Playstore

App Reviews and Rating Boosted

Our team of experts used various tactics like app review plugins and incentives to enhance app review and rating. We also encouraged users to post positive feedback and also worked on other methods to boost rating of the app.

Reviews and Rating Appstore
Reviews and Rating Playstore

Overall ROI Improved

Our worked helped in generating more leads and conversion towards client’s app which results in better ROI.


We made it easy for users to communicate with us and quickly respond to their every issue. We also personalized customer communication which helps in providing better engagement.

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We Are Providing Top-Notch Marketing Automation Software To Startups

Innovative Start Up of the Year at Entrepreneur India Awards 2015
Largest Health Care Chain in Asia with 3 Million Downloads
Best Startup of the Year 2015 by Minister of Health, Government of Karnataka
Raised 50Million USD Funds

We are the Best App Marketing Company

As mobile growth needs a perfect team with a clear plan, we make sure that our clients get both at an affordable cost. 

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Client Testimonials

The increase in numerous compliments on our website shows the expertise of BrandBurp in digital marketing services.

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Grab Testimonials

Sneha Singh







Funding Raised



  We are delighted with the work BrandBurp has delivered to us. Their work exceeded my expectations as they have an excellent grasp of SEO algorithms. 

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Being #1 Medical platform connecting more than 10 million users with doctors. Lybrate is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Our Marketing Team Brings Guaranteed Result

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